Impmon (Black)
Impmon (Black)
Level Child
Attribute Data
Type Small Devil
Status Unrestricted


An Impmon subspecies with the Data attribute. Despite its red eyes and shadowy appearance, this variety of Impmon is much friendlier and more social, and is scorned by Virus Impmon for being "phonies" or "wimps" that don't take their pranks seriously. Data-attribute Impmon are as capable of mischief and mayhem as any other, but they value fair play, invest a comical amount of pride into the rules of conduct they concoct for themselves, and will often pepper their pranking routine with neutral-to-pleasant surprises to keep their "trick-or-treat" game fun and fresh - and keep their victims on their toes. They call on the elements of water and wind rather than fire and ice.


Impmon can kick and punch if pressed, but don't normally get into physical fights. Their water and wind spells are much more useful.

  • Summon - Creates a magic circle that calls on the element of water, wind, or both at once. The circle can fire elemental projectiles, or can drench the object marked with the circle or cause it to levitate and tumble about.
  • Night of Aqua - Throws out bullets of water from its fingertips.
  • Night of Wind - Throws out bullets of compressed air from its fingertips.
  • Dark Song - Fires a ball of darkness from its hand.

Typical Size

2 to 3 feet tall.

Sub-species and Relatives


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