Level Child
Attribute Data
Type Cyborg
Status Unrestricted


A rattlesnake-shaped Digimon whose Digicore contains data associated with USB firmware. It has unique data absorption and transmission abilities, and can connect to devices and other Digimon via its tongue or tail to download and upload information. The collection and distribution of information is one of Hubmon's main instincts, and a well-traveled Hubmon can amass knowledge to rival some of the most famously wise Digimon. They can modify the data stored within their bodies before transferring it, but many consider accuracy a virtue and are reluctant to do so. Hubmon wear spectacles because their eyesight is bad.


Hubmon can bite if cornered, and can slither quickly out of trouble, but overall are not combat-oriented Digimon.

  • Flash Connect - Connects to another Digimon with its USB-shaped tongue, downloading their knowledge data or sharing its own.
  • Connection Error - Intentionally causes a failed connection with its USB-shaped tongue, causing a painful error to course through the victim's body.

Typical Size

4.5 to 6 feet long.

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