Guilmon (Black)
Guilmon (Black)
Level Child
Attribute Virus
Type Reptile
Status Unrestricted


A Guilmon subspecies. Though it's otherwise physically identical to normal Guilmon, it more strongly manifests its Virus-attribute, and is much less social than the Guilmon type-species, being found mostly in the wild and very rarely in villages. The lifestyle of near-constant combat led by wilder Virus-attribute species like this one lends itself to quicker evolution but poor attention to health and comfort in the present, and their claws are often chipped or broken in the course of battle. In addition to the typical habitats of young Reptile Digimon with fire affinities, like highlands, wastelands, deserts, and volcanic regions, black Guilmon thrive in moist environments like coastal caverns, and are surprisingly powerful swimmers.


Guilmon are athletic, tenacious Digimon with well-developed limbs and good combat instincts. They fight with swift, savage bites, slashes, and blows, and with fiery projectiles.

  • Fire Grenade - Spits bullets of fire that detonate on contact.
  • Rock Crusher - Delivers a blow from its claws strong enough to shatter rock. Guilmon can gather fire around its claws to further empower this attack.
  • Virus Breath - Breathes black flames laced with data-corroding viruses.

Typical Size

4 to 5 feet from nose to tail.

Sub-species and Relatives


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