Level Child
Attribute Virus
Type Reptile
Status Unrestricted


Classified as a Reptile Digimon despite its Dinosaur-like visual characteristics, due to a lack of evolutionary relation to other Dinosaur Digimon. Though they're normally social, lively Child Digimon, Guilmon possess strong combat instincts, and their behavior can turn on a dime if they are provoked. Guilmon bear the Digital Hazard mark on their abdomen, indicating that somewhere in their data lurks a corruptive force that could cause serious damage in the Digital World - or, if kept in check by Guilmon's better nature, could be harnessed for benevolent purposes. Wild Guilmon rely on their claws for everything from fighting to digging out dens, and leave sharpening marks on trees and stones wherever they go.


Guilmon are athletic, tenacious Digimon with well-developed limbs and good combat instincts. They fight with swift, savage bites, slashes, and blows, and with fiery projectiles.

  • Fireball - Fires a super-hot orb from its mouth.
  • Rock Breaker - Delivers a blow from its claws strong enough to shatter rock. Guilmon can gather fire around its claws to further empower this attack.
  • Neck Stretcher - Rears back onto its tail and kicks up at the foe with its hindclaws.

Typical Size

4 to 5 feet from nose to tail.

Sub-species and Relatives


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