Level Child
Attribute Data
Type Ore
Status Unrestricted


A Digimon that roughly resembles a human child in proportion, but whose body is made up entirely of rocks. They are physically heavy and dense, but not slow or sluggish, and are in fact known for youthful liveliness and quick tempers. The mineral data that makes up a Gotsumon's body is drawn from its immediate environment when it evolves, so a wide variety of appearances and physical traits are observed; from plain, sturdy slate to brilliantly-colored granites and sandstones. Even fragile minerals like pumice and shale or synthetic ones like concrete can be incorporated into a Gotsumon's body, though some types fare better in the wild than others.


Gotsumon are physical fighters. Their hard, dense bodies have very high resilience for Child-level Digimon, so they can often afford to dive in and fight wildly, without worrying about taking hits.

  • Angry Rock - Fires chunks of hard ore from its head.
  • Hardest Punch - Winds up and punches with its hard, rocky fists.
  • Earth Shaker - Punches the ground with its fists, creating a tremor that causes small crags to burst up from the ground.

Typical Size

3 to 5 feet tall.

Sub-species and Relatives


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