Level Child
Attribute Vaccine
Type Marine Animal
Status Unrestricted


An aquatic Digimon that can waddle about on land and whose body is covered in insulating fur. This fur gets longer as it grows older, and at some point begins to turn brown, so it's easy to determine a Gomamon's approximate age. The sturdy claws on its flippers are for breaking or clinging onto ice in the cold polar regions the species inhabit, but Gomamon aren't uncommon in temperate waters, either, and Gomamon in these regions may have daintier claws. They're commonly seen along coasts, especially the ice floes of the Glacier Area, where they live highly social lives in multi-species communities. The red mane down their backs bristles and flattens to express emotion, helping them communicate with their many neighbors.


Gomamon are excellent swimmers but have few combat skills, besides sharp, sturdy claws that can deliver powerful blows at close range.

  • Marching Fishes - Summons a school of colorful fish for offense, defense, or practical uses. They can appear from any nearby body or potential source of water, including disconnected pipes or dry wells, and in particularly dire situations might fall from the sky in a spontaneous cloudburst. The technique has a chance to fail in dry places with inconvenient sources. (They are extremely bitter and gritty, and, mysteriously, provide no calories or nutritional value, so Marching Fishes make a very poor meal.)
  • Sharp Edge - Attacks with claws strong enough to break ice.
  • Bubble Barrier - Surrounds itself with a bubble of water.

Typical Size

2 to 3 feet from nose to tail.

Sub-species and Relatives


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