Level Child
Attribute Data
Type Beast
Status Unrestricted


A Digimon species descended from Gazimon that resembles a Spitz-breed dog. It has underdeveloped claws that it protects by wearing gloves, and the species has developed a skillful hit-and-away boxing style to compensate. It possesses both strong arms and well-developed legs, giving it a high degree of speed and agility. Gaomon have very little in common behaviorally with their Gazimon cousins, and are known as loyal, dutiful Digimon that form strong working bonds.


Gaomon fight with boxing techniques and other styles of punches.

  • Double Backhand - Spins around at high speed like a top, hitting the opponent with multiple punches in succession.
  • Gao Rush - Strikes out with a rapid flurry of straight punches.
  • Rolling Upper - Does a rolling jump to deliver an uppercut.

Typical Size

3 to 4 feet tall.

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