Gabumon (Black)
Gabumon (Black)
Level Child
Attribute Virus
Type Reptile
Status Unrestricted


A viral subspecies of Gabumon. Just like Gabumon, it collects data to construct a pelt resembling a Garurumon's, but its viral nature influences the data to take on the appearance of a viral-species Garurumon. This suits Gabumon just fine, as the dark fur helps it camouflage itself in the shadows of the night, when viral Gabumon are active. It relies more heavily on stealth and deception than type-species Gabumon in order to evade and deter the ruthless Virus-attribute predators it normally lives around, so losing its pelt can be an even greater psychological shock than it is for Data-attribute Gabumon. Black Gabumon are known for being reticent, slow to trust, and sensitive to betrayal.


Gabumon (Black) are hardy fighters that scratch, bite, and stick their foes with their horns, and can breathe red fire and blue ice to attack from a distance. Their pelt is tough and acts like light armor.

  • Petit Fire - Spits out a stream of red fire from its mouth.
  • Skull Driller - Rams the target with its horn.
  • Black Ice - Breathes out freezing air, freezing surfaces over with dark ice.

Typical Size

3 to 4 feet tall.

Sub-species and Relatives


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