Level Child
Attribute Data
Type Reptile
Status Unrestricted


Resembles a Beast-type, but is actually a Reptile; its furry coating is actually a pelt it wears, fashioned from Beast-species data. Gabumon that evolve from more Beast-like species sometimes have the fortune of manifesting the pelt automatically, but most have to forage up data shed from other Digimon. The pelt resembles Garurumon, a Digimon feared and respected for its speed and power, and the association helps Gabumon appear more intimidating. Gabumon near-universally hate being seen without their pelt and tend to hide from sight if they've somehow lost it, even in the company of friends. There are few gestures of trust and care in the Digital World more profound than being lent a Gabumon's pelt.


Gabumon are hardy fighters that scratch, bite, and stick their foes with their horns, and can breathe blue fire to attack from a distance. Their pelt is tough and acts like light armor.

  • Petit Fire - Spits out a stream of hot, blue fire from its mouth.
  • Little Horn - Rams the target with its horn.
  • Crush Nail - Slashes with the claws built into its pelt.

Typical Size

3 to 4 feet tall.

Sub-species and Relatives


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