Level Child
Attribute Data
Type Plant
Status Unrestricted


Unusually for a Plant Digimon, Floramon also resembles a Reptile Digimon, thanks to latent data that also causes many Floramon to evolve into more reptilian species. The petal-like shell on its head is sturdy, and helps protect its tender face from attacks. When it feels secure and happy, the "petals" of that shell open wide like a flower. It possesses a hollow on its head that can safely hold objects while its helmet is closed; Floramon can secrete fluids into this hollow that break down and process fruits and other edible vegetation, producing a range of fermented products, juices, and gels. Floramon have tended to occupy the same ecological niche as Palmon, leading to fights over territory and resources and long-standing rivalries between the species.


Floramon have poor combat abilities but potent ailment-inflicting abilities in the form of pollen and pheromones to disable their foes.

  • Allergy Shower - Releases from its arms a spray of pollen that causes various ailments, such as hallucinations, sudden fatigue, or allergic symptoms.
  • Sweet Scent - Releases a sweet odor that causes others to become enamored with Floramon. Ineffective on enemies without a sense of smell.

Typical Size

2 to 4 feet tall.

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