Elecmon (Violet)
Elecmon (Violet)
Level Child
Attribute Virus
Type Mammal
Status Unrestricted


An Elecmon subspecies that manifested the Virus attribute. Like the regular Elecmon, it is curious and active, but it has a meaner streak and often escalates its play and banter to violent scuffling and harsh insults. It respects companions who can give as good as they get, and looks down on Digimon that cry or flee from its rough treatment. Violet Elecmon are social creatures too, but their testy personalities make them averse to hanging around in villages with many neighbors, so they're known for falling in with bad crowds on the outskirts, or even stealing eggs and baby Digimon away from village nurseries to raise alone to their own standards.

In some places, this subspecies is known as "Violecmon", and in others, it is just called "Elecmon".


Elecmon (Violet) is a hardy Digimon that can fight with tackles, headbutts, and scratches, but its greatest strength is its electrical abilities.

  • Jamming Thunder - Generates static electricity by rubbing its tails together, causing waves of electrical interference. Especially effective against mechanical Digimon.
  • Tail Dusk - Slaps the opponent with its tail fan.
  • Assassin Bolt - Generates blades of electricity and fires them as a barrage.

Typical Size

2.5 to 4 feet from nose to tail.

Sub-species and Relatives

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