Level Child
Attribute Data
Type Beast
Status Unrestricted


A Beast Digimon with a peculiar structure on its brow, suggesting unusual origins for the species. Unmanifested Dragon-species data has been found in analyses of its DigiCore. It has powerful combat instincts, and is more common in the wild than in villages. Dorumon can feed on metal and metal ores in addition to regular foods, and incorporates this metal data into its attacks. Metal data is also found in Dorumon's fur, which has trace quantities of mythril and acts as a sort of light armor.

Peculiarly, Dorumon's name is actually spelled DORUmon within its Digicore and in other Digital World system data pertaining to the species. It is rendered variably elsewhere.


Dorumon are good, tenacious fighters with high dexterity and agility that scratch, bite, and headbutt ferociously in combat. Besides basic physical combat maneuvers, they can manipulate metal data in their bodies in certain ways to attack.

  • Metal Cannon - Fires a heavy iron ball from its mouth.
  • Dash Metal - Rapidly fires a smaller, less powerful version of Metal Cannon, often while in motion.
  • Hyper Dash Metal - Hardens its fur like steel, then rushes the enemy like a living cannonball.

Typical Size

3 to 4 feet from nose to tail.

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