Level Child
Attribute Data
Type Musical Instrument
Status Unrestricted


A Digimon that resembles a taiko drum. It's drawn to noise and excitement, and known to come running to festivals and raucous celebrations, but also to noisy arguments and other disturbances. The shockwaves its rhythmic drumming generates are more felt than heard, and can have a stimulating effect, riling up people in Dondokomon's vicinity. This ability is great for parties, but can also escalate battles into massive brawls and cause all kinds of trouble if used at inappropriate times.


Dondokomon attacks primarily with sound waves, both to generate physical force and to affect enemies and allies' mental state.

  • Dondoko Ondo - Drums on its body, exciting and energizing anyone in hearing range. This ability can be used to invigorate allies or make enemies lose control (or invigorate enemies and make allies lose control….)
  • Midareuchi Rush - Drums furiously, creating erratic shockwaves.
  • Kiwame Daiko - Attacks with its drum sticks, pummeling the target as though it were a drum.

Typical Size

Around 3 feet tall, occasionally much larger. Smaller and larger Dondokomon produce different pitches.

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