Level Child
Attribute Data
Type Flame
Status Unrestricted


A Flame Digimon resembling an animated candle, whose DigiCore burns on the top of its head. When that DigiCore ceases to burn, Candlemon become unable to continue living, so it must take care to protect its exposed core from water and stifling cold. Since the flame is its DigiCore, it can be considered Candlemon's "true" body, and the rest of it more like an appendage. Candlemon enjoy settling in dark places, but dislike dampness and humidity. Those that live alone tend to be a bit cautious, but groups of Candlemon can be quite hospitable and welcoming, inviting their visitors to be their guest.


  • Bonfire - Spits a small blast of flame from its mouth.
  • Melt Wax - Releases scorching hot melted wax from its body. It can simply drip the wax from its body or hands, or fling it at enemies.
  • Karma Flamer - Spins around, creating a whirlwind of flame that can repel some attacks.

Typical Size

Around 1 to 2 feet tall.

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