Burgamon (Child)
Burgamon (Child)
Level Child
Attribute Vaccine
Type Food
Status Unrestricted


A Food-type Digimon whose body has a dough-like consistency. Their DigiCores contain data derived from recipes, nutritional information, and the internal systems of fast food franchises, so they're naturally good cooks, though inferior to the Adult-level Burgamon. They exude data that makes their culinary creations incredibly rejuvenating, capable of restoring wounded or exhausted Digimon back to health. Burgamon are almost universally found living in villages and cities, working beside their Adult counterparts and serving food to weary travelers.


Burgamon have minimal combat abilities and produce food first and foremost.

  • Delicious Patty - Consumes one of its own specialty burgers, healing and rejuvenating itself.
  • Green Pickles - Throws pickle slices of unusual sharpness like shuriken.

Typical Size

1 to 2 feet tall.

Sub-species and Relatives

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