Level Child
Attribute Data
Type Small Dragon
Status Unrestricted


A Small Dragon Digimon that lives in cold areas. Its body is made up mostly of data similar to regular ice and snow, so Blucomon are always cold to the touch, and can grow or shrink depending on the temperature of their surroundings. A Blucomon's Tamer must be conscious of the local climate and avoid leading it into situations that are bad for its health. Blucomon are very social Digimon, but are not very populous, so their senses of camaraderie and hospitality are eagerly extended to other species of Digimon and even Analoggers, all potential friends and allies in harsh climes. Blucomon get along particularly well with the much more common Penmon.


Blucomon's combat abilities are heavily influenced by the environment, becoming much stronger in the cold and much weaker in the heat according to the condition of their ice armor. They are primarily physical fighters that can also spit icicles.

  • Baby Hail - Spits volley after volley of icicles. Using this technique will diminish Blucomon's natural ice, causing it to shrink or weaken; this recoil occurs much faster in warm climates and much slower in cold ones.
  • Ice Mash - Slashes with the icy claws on its hands.

Typical Size

3 to 4 feet tall.

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