Level Child
Attribute Virus
Type Amphibian
Status Unrestricted


An Amphibian Digimon with a short, squat body that walks on four legs. When provoked, it can release great amounts of electricity, and the fin on its back is razor sharp. Due to their splayed posture, Betamon are not very deft on land, but they are good jumpers, and they can propel themselves several times their own body length when they need to move quickly. They never live far from the cool waters of lakes, rivers, and swamps, and are much more agile swimmers than walkers. Their dorsal fins are detachable and can be put back in place or regrown.


Betamon's combat tactics revolve around their sharp dorsal fins and their ability to generate brief but powerful electric shocks.

  • Electric Shocker - Releases a powerful electric current from its body.
  • Beta Slugger - Throws the sharp fin on its back outward like a boomerang.
  • Cutter Fin - Leaps into the air, spinning, to cut the target with its fin.

Typical Size

Around 2 feet from nose to tail.

Sub-species and Relatives


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