Level Child
Attribute Free
Type Mammal
Status Unrestricted


A Mammal Digimon whose body is covered in a hard shell. It is an ancient species that has changed little since the oldest days of the Digital World. Most have carefree and charming personalities, but some are more rugged and hard-willed, especially those living in wild places. Other Digimon often call them rustic, and simple but hardy. They are fond of eating, digging, and working. When they need to move quickly, they curl up into a ball and roll.


Armadimon are defense-oriented Digimon whose abilities aren't optimized for dealing blows to opponents. They excel at outlasting enemies and at striking stationary targets.

  • Rolling Stone - Curls up, hardens its shell, and does a rolling charge.
  • Scratch Beat - Scratches with its hard foreclaws.
  • Rigid Block - Repels attacks by curling up tightly and hardening its shell.

Typical Size

2 to 4 feet from nose to tail.

Sub-species and Relatives

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